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We learned all about Autumn in our classroom. This is what we learned –

  • Autumn is one of the four seasons.
  • It is the transition from Summer into Winter.
  • The weather also begins to get colder and many plants stop making food.
  • Many animals begin to prepare for the winter by storing food in their nests and dens or fat on their bodies.
  • In Autumn, there is less sunlight because the days are shorter.

Robin Red Breast 

An Spideóg

The robin is one of Ireland’s favourite birds. It is very friendly and will often sit on windowsills. It is not afraid of people at all! It is very easy to spot a robin. It has a bright orange-red coloured breast.

The female robin builds the nest. She likes to build it in cracks in walls, hedges or tree stumps. Some have even built their nests in tin cans. If you put a nest box outside, you will probably find a robin nesting there soon.


Robins eat of worms, insects, snails and fruit. Sometimes they will even take food from your hand!



Penguins are birds with black and white feathers and a funny waddle.  But unlike most birds, penguins are not able to fly – in the air that is.  Penguins spend as much as 75% of their time underwater, searching for food in the ocean.  When they are in the water, they dive and flap their wings.  It looks just like they are flying!

Penguins are shaped like a torpedo.  Their body is built for the most efficient swimming with their average speed in the water being about 15 miles per hour.



For the past few weeks we have been learning how to play golf. It is really fun. We have learned how to putt and we get to play games each week to practice our skills. We are really improving!