Saint Michael’s National School is a co-educational National School, under the patronage of the Church of Ireland Bishop of the United Dioceses of Limerick & Killaloe. The present Patron is the Right Reverend Doctor Kenneth Kearon. In line with DES advice in Rules for National Schools, that “ … a religious spirit should inform and vivify the whole work of the school …” the Board of Management (BOM) of Saint Michael’s N.S. and the staff seek to promote the development of honesty, truthfulness, courtesy, punctuality and responsibility in each individual pupil attending the school.  A proper regard for the rights and views of others is encouraged.  A caring and tolerant attitude to other people and to the environment is nurtured.

It is expected that pupils extend these values and attitudes in their dealings with other children in the school, with members of school staff, with parents/guardians, friends and others who may have occasion to visit the school.

It is the formal policy of the school to foster these attitudes both by explicit teaching in the classroom and in the informal life of the school.  Pupils are encouraged to see themselves as members of a community, where all are entitled to live irrespective of age, sex, ability or family circumstances.  It is advocated that senior pupils adopt a caring and responsible attitude to the junior pupils. The end of each term is marked by a service to which all parents/guardians and friends are invited.