Service Ethos: Christian
At Be Bright After School, we aim to create a family-oriented, warm environment that nurtures children’s well-being within a caring community which values children’s’ individual strengths.  The best interests, safety, welfare and rights of all children attending our afterschool service are paramount.  Kindness, honesty, courtesy, positive and polite behaviour are encouraged. We acknowledge and respect children’s diversity of experiences, backgrounds, and identities.

Programme of activities
Positive play opportunities are provided for children to support their need to relax, have fun, and engage in a variety of meaningful and creative activities that complement their school-based learning.  We operate a semi-structured programme of activities which includes pre-planned and free flowing play/activities. The children are also provided with a quiet space for reading, relaxing, and calming activities after a busy day in school. They are also given the option to complete their homework if they so choose. A healthy snack is provided daily. Children’s voice is incorporated into the activity planning as much as possible. Children will be involved in the care and tidy up after each session, thus encouraging a sense of responsibility towards their surroundings.

After School Service Hours
Monday- Friday during Term-time
Location – St.Michael’s N.S (no. 11 Barrington St.)

Monday-Thursday Out-of-School Holidays
Weekly/Monthly After School Fees:

Junior & Senior Infants – 1 hour
30 Euros per week/
 7 Euros per day

Primary Pupils from 1st to 6th
90 Euros per week/
20 Euros per day

Junior and Senior Infants and Primary Pupils
115 Euros per week/
25 per day

Camps (out-of-school Holidays)
10:00am -4:00pm (Mon-Thurs)
100 Euros per week/30 per day
Ordering a hot meal (optional)
An additional 5 Euros per day
  Note: For those who have a medical card/social welfare payments, we offer subsidised childcare places through the CCSP/TEC Childcare Schemes. Please contact Mary Roys directly with any queries at [email protected]